Repair Process

Because the collision repair process is very unique, we want to take a few moments to help our clients understand the process.

The process begins when you, the client, files a claim with your insurance company.

Comprehensive Automotive Collision Repair Center in Dallas, TX - BEFOREInsurance Appraisal – Contact your agent to file a claim. Your local agent will direct you to the claims office for liability assessment. Your local agent may direct you to Lindberg Collision for preliminary estimate before filing an actual claim (depending on damage). After the claim is processed (accepted) you will be directed to the drive in claims office or the shop of your choice for insurance appraisal. If vehicle is drivable but not street legal and/or safe (i.e. headlights, taillights, mirror damage or fluids leaking) you may request a loan car from Lindberg Collision and/or your insurance company. Note: If an accident report was made by the authorities at the collision site, please obtain a copy.

Disassembly of Vehicle – We first look for any hidden damage. If found, a supplemental estimate is requested from your insurance company.

Ordering and Delivery of Parts – While most parts are available for delivery on the same day, some parts may take longer. If an extra-ordinary part is needed, you will be notified.

Comprehensive Automotive Collision Repair Center in Dallas, TX - AFTER

Structural & Mechanical Repairs – This is the point where the vehicle begins to be restored. Your vehicle is placed on a frame machine, and our metal technicians go to work. At this point, we also make sure to inform you of the updated status of your vehicle.

Priming and Paint Prepping – By priming, sealing, protecting against corrosion and chemically treating the body panels, we prepare your vehicle to be painted with the utmost care.

Painting and Buffing – The multi-step painting process involves the preliminary taping, bagging, and masking, followed by painting, refinishing and buffing. While it takes time, our paint technicians make sure your finish is up to factory standards.

Trim-Out and Final Repairs – This is the last step. All trim and molding is installed, then we begin any necessary mechanical repairs, including suspension, alignment, and air conditioning work.

Wash, Inspect and Test-Drive – At this point, all repairs are completed. However, we want to make sure your vehicle is clean, inside and out. After washing your vehicle, we test-drive your vehicle to make sure its in pre-loss condition. Your car is now ready to be delivered.

We go above and beyond industry standards on all components of customer satisfaction: Quality repairs, Service, Cycle Times.

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